Farm57 FAQ

Are you organic?

We are not “certified organic” but we practice all-natural practices in all that we do. We believe that when we are transparent with you in raising high-quality, nutrient dense food, that you really can purchase “food you trust, from people you know.” That to us means more than expensive paperwork and a sticker on a label, thereby protecting the consumer from added costs associated with the certification. 

What does “organically-minded” mean? 

Because we are not certified organic, we cannot legally use the word organic. 

We are mindful to practice and produce all-natural products, going above and beyond organic standards. The products that we raise are what we believe to be the best and it’s what we feed our own children - that is how our entire business began! 

Does your chicken get treated with antibiotics, hormones, or any of the like? 

Never. The chicken we sell from Farm57 is grown directly on our home farm, and is antibiotic and hormone free from day one. 

Is all your meat and other products directly from your farm? 

Yes. All of our available products are grown and raised here on our home farm directly by us, we do not contract with any other farms. Having the greatest amount of management control ensures we deliver the best product. 

Where are you located? 

We are located in southwestern Pennsylvania, in Washington County. Joel was born and raised in Washington County with roots in agriculture and has only left the county to attend college! The “57” in our name is our street location, which pays homage to our farm’s property and the farming generations that have come before us. 



Where do you ship your meats? 

We ship our meats, bones, and spice blends every week of the year! Meats are packed in dry ice (some or all may be sublimated by the time you get your box) in custom box liners. 


What is your return policy? 

We have a strict NO RETURNS and NO REFUNDS policy because we are mostly shipping frozen, perishable products. We cannot accept frozen items back for resale.

If you need to return an apparel item, we will exchange for a different size if the customer pays for the shipping costs. This does NOT apply to meats - all meats are NO returns or refunds. 



What breeds are your animals? 

Cornish Cross Chicken: Cornish Crosses that are raised on pasture taste completely different than commercially raised Cornish cross. You’ll have to taste it to believe it! 


  • Berkshire Heritage - these pigs produce one of the best meat products found in a heritage breed. They’re not too lean and not too fatty, they’re just right!
  • Gloucestershire Old Spot - the oldest recognized breed in the world is excellent for raising litters on pasture. They are excellent mothers and foragers that produce a rich, quality meat.